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  • 2-[(3Z)-6-fluoro-2-methyl-3-[(4-methylsulfinylphenyl)methylidene]inden-1-yl]acetic acid
  • 13019021
  • C20H17FO3S
  • Black, Yellow or White Solid
  • 9000-14-0
  • Sulindac, Arthrocine, Clinoril, Mobilin
  • DBB Grade: 215 @ 75 kg Inner Plastic Outer Gunny Bags
    16.125MT / 20'FCL
    PWS Grade: 215 @ 75 kg Inner Plastic Outer Gunny Bags
    16.125MT / 20'FCL
    PWS Grade: 250 @ 60 kg Inner Plastic Outer Gunny Bags
    15MT / 20'FCL
    PWS Grade: 592 @ 75 kg Two Cartons in one Poly Bag
    14.8MT / 20'FCL
    WS Grade: 592 @ 75 kg Two Cartons in one Poly Bag
    14.8MT / 20'FCL
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Brief Overview

Gum Copal is the mature form of natural resin of forest trees. The gum copal from Indonesia is a natural resinous material of the Bur sera bipinnate plant. Gum Copal is a very environmentally friendly and high quality natural resin which is soluble in ethanol. Due to common impurities and differences in regions, gum copal ranges in color from black to yellow to white. It is characterized by its hardness and relatively high melting point. It also has a mint and turpentine odor.

Manufacturing Process

Gum Copal is collected by tapping the living forest tree. The gum copal is stored in the bark and the most common way to extract the resin is by cutting the bark and letting the resin flow out. The collected resin is filtered and cleaned to remove the impurities. There are different varieties of gum copal depending on the factors such as geographic, environmental, and the process by which it is collected i.e. the type of tapping used. Gum Copal which is pale, clean, and has good solubility in alcohol, is considered to be the best quality. For example, the high-quality resin Prime White Soft (PWS) is high in alcohol solubility, light yellow, and low in grime.

Fragrance Agent

Gum Copal resin is used in the incense industry as it has a clean, light, fruity, or citrus smell. It is believed that this resin incense is used for clearing and clarifying the mind, and for removing negative energies as it holds the influence of protection and purification.

Paint and Coating Industry

It is used as an emulsifier and stabilizer for the production of color, paints, printing inks, and aromatic emulsions. Gum Copal is used in enamel paints as these paints are used for coating surfaces of outdoor or surfaces with variation in temperature and gum copal has excellent weather resistance ability. It is also used as a raw material for varnish. Gum copal produces glossy films and has good weather protection property. It is also used as a pigment binder in varnishes since it has excellent binding properties. Its properties such as water resistance ability, solubility in alcohol, glossy nature, binding abilities have increased its usage and made it one of the important and easily available sources of raw materials for the production of perfumes, paints, adhesives, and varnishes.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Gum Copal is also used as medicine for several ailments such as in the treatment of burns, headache, nosebleed, fever, stomach ache, and in the preparation of dental products and as a remedy for loose teeth and dysentery. Gum Copal like other natural materials is also used in the field of drug delivery as they are readily available, cost-effective, potentially degradable, eco-friendly and they are compatible.

How to Use Gum Copal?

To use gum copal as incense, light the charcoal with matches or lighter for about 20 seconds until it self-ignites. Place the lit charcoal in a bowl or any incense burner which is filled with sand or dirt. Add a small amount of resin on top of the charcoal. The resin will burn and soon release essential, aromatic oils through the smoke. Continue to place resins or powder on charcoal as they burn out and smoke decreases for a continuous burn. Find other applications of gum copal at the Application tab.

What Makes Us Best Gum Copal Suppliers?

Tradeasia is fulfilling the needs of many international and national companies by offering premium quality of the chemical products, which is prepared by professionals. We are a leading gum copal suppliers in India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, UAE, Mauritius, and other Asian and African countries that serve the purpose of many of our clients, at budget-friendly rates. Paired up with our comprehensive supply capability, We are one of the best gum copal suppliers based in South East Asia. Tradeasia International tends to make sure that the desired product is delivered within the given time frame without compromising on the quality at all.

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