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How to Dilute 99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol to 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is a typical disinfectant utilized by drug organizations, hospitals, and clean rooms. It’s likewise utilized in the refinement of devices and clinical device manufacture. Isopropyl Alcohol (consequently called IPA) has diverse purity grades with each implied for alternate use. On an entire, they’re valuable for cleaning and sanitizing. 

At Tradeasia International, we sell 99.8% IPA, which implies that it just has 0.2% water and thus, evaporates quickly. It’s intended to be utilized in Melt and Pour Soapmaking so the alcohol will scatter bubbles and make a smooth surface, and Cold Process Soapmaking which helps soda ash from forming when IPA splashed inside 15-20 min of pouring your new cleanser. 

However, it should be noticed that 99.8% sets aside a more noteworthy effort to act and doesn’t kill as many microbes as 70% IPA. Hence, for this post, we’ll be sharing how you can figure the amount of distilled water needed to dilute your 99.8% IPA to 70% IPA. 


To make 100ml of 70% IPA from 99.8% IPA, you can utilize the following:

100ml 99.8% IPA  =  99.8ml

xml 70% IPA  =  70 ml

\[{xml \ 70\% \ IPA} = {70ml * 100ml \over 99.8\]

70.14ml of 99.8% IPA + 29.86ml of Distilled Water

     100ml of 70% IPA

To make it less difficult, all you require is: 

70ml 99.8% IPA + 30ml Distilled Water = 100ml 70% IPA 

You can utilize your phone’s calculator to figure out this for you, and you can likewise replace the 100ml with any ideal volume.

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