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Dust Control and Calcium Chloride: How Does It Work and How Long Does It Last

Calcium Chloride is a viable, durable dust suppressant. To get why and how it is imperative to take a look at the substance make-up of the Calcium Chloride solution


Calcium Chloride is hygroscopic – it attracts moisture from the air and its environmental factors. This is the manner by which it keeps the surface of a street damp and holds the dust down. Calcium Chloride additionally opposes vanishing which permits one application to keep going for quite a while.


Most customers locate that one use of Calcium Chloride for dust control will last them as the year progressed. There are a couple of interesting points, however.

If the application region whenever considered “high traffic,” it might take at least two applications per year. High traffic regions have more vehicles crushing the street base, hence causing more residue.

Climate is additionally an interesting point on the life span of a Calcium Chloride application. If the summer is exceptionally dry with next to no rain, you may begin to see the impacts of the Calcium Chloride reducing after some time. A periodic downpour is great for a use of Calcium Chloride and can help reactivate the solution.

Appropriately preparing the street can likewise help the Calcium Chloride application last through the season. Having your street evaluated can likewise help bring your Calcium Chloride application and hold the residue down longer.

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