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Calcium Chloride Anti-Icing, De-Icing & Pre-Wetting

Anti-icing, de-icing, and pre-wetting materials are various approaches to use Calcium Chloride in winter. At an ongoing instructive meeting with DOT workers that use Calcium Chloride with Boost, there was a touch of disarray when it came to wording that is regularly used all through the business. As we head into the Winter season we should audit a portion of the wording you may run over.


Anti-Icing is the way toward applying Calcium Chloride or another fluid to the street before a tempest shows up. This is a viable strategy for fighting snow and ice. This process prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement which allows for much easier removal with a plow.


De-Icing is a strategy for eliminating snow and ice that has just gathered. Utilizing an item like Calcium Chloride with Boost with rock salt will help consume the aggregation, particularly when temperatures begin to fall under 20 degrees.


Pre-Wetting alludes to the way toward wetting your granular materials, (for example, salt, and sand) with a fluid deicer before you spread it. This cycle will permit your granular materials to work at much lower temperatures than ordinary. Salt starts to lose its viability to melt snow and ice as the temperature falls under 20 degrees. Pre-Wetting will permit your materials to work viably to much lower temperatures. Treating a stockpile is a simple method to start pre-wetting. Another choice is to convey the deicer in a saddle tank on the truck and splash the material at the spinner as it’s being applied.

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